Worth upgrading from Classe cap 101 to cap151 ???

I currently have a Classe cap 101 paired with Nautilus N805 and a Rel strata 3 sub. The cap 101 can be brought back to the dealer through their 1 year upgrade program. Is it worth going for the cap151 ?.

ps I am staying with Classe for sure so please no recommendation on other brands

So do I upgrade to cap151 because there is a significant difference between the cap101 and cap151


do I keep my cap101 for a while and go on the used market and slowly start let's say a cp47.5 with ca101 or ca100 for now. (the old vs new delimma)

please help...man I'm lost
I'm not familiar with the sound of the 101 or 151, although I'm a relatively heavy Classe user (SSP-75, CA-200, CDP-.5).

It all boils down to what you'd be tryimg to achieve in the upgrade. The big differences that I can see between the two in question are raw output (100 vs 150 wpc) and current reserves. The raw output isn't significantly different - to go 3dB louder you need to double the power output, so a 200wpc is the next step up. There's the headroom consideration but this too isn't much different, and the current reserves aren't much different either. There are probably some slightly better parts in the 151, but overall it probably isn't much of an audible upgrade for you.

If you're trying for more headroom or less strain (hard to tell since you didn't describe the sound you get now), something like a CA-201/301/401 would probably accomplish that. Those amps are a LOT more powerful. In such a scenario you'd probably keep using your CAP101 as a preamp and use the external amp for power.

But tell us more about what music you like, how you like to play it, what your room is like and what problems you have to solve. Then we can help you more.
Blw thanks for you response, I live in a condo. My room is about 30d 25w 9-14h open space,cathedral ceiling slope. Many windows, which I have learned, kill my base, because they are behind the speakers and there is no other placement possible. This is why I got the Rel. However, once the room is pressurized, I guess the outcome is better than a small room. Because for now, live in a condo, the gain in db is not that all imporant. I play to volume ususally not more than 10-15 on the digital dial. I feel that the amp starts struggling at around 20-25 and up (max60 which i never went to). Mind you it could be my N805 that get saturated I am not an expert enought to know that but there is no distorsion, just a feel that at about 25 gain on the dial, it is "enought for everyone" !!

I listen exclusively to Jazz, many types, and classical. 5% goes to pop which in this case I could not careless if the sound was good or bad. pop and disco in an alarm clock suits my need. I am attracted in the dynamics of jazz. I particulary enjoy vocals, piano, and large ochestras. I love the energy and the slam of the large orchestras. I am not into opera, well not yet.

I fell in love with Classe because of their smootness. I do not really care about absolute perfection, I want something that feels good.

I came very close to buy the 151 but because budget constrain I decided to put more in speakers and take the least expensive integrated. To this day , I still wonder if I did the good thing. I am also questionning if I should go on the used market for the next upgrade. I think I should otherwise it is way too clostly. So long answer but not too accurate. You can probably feel that I am a little all over the place !!
I would buy one Ca-200/201 instead of bi-amping with 2 ca-100/101's. The one 200 series Classe is a much greater sonic improvement alone, over even throwing a Ca-151 into the mix with your current ca-101! I would sell the ca-101 & move up to atleast the 200/300/400 series. Good Luck!!!
The CA-201/301/401 are pure power amplifiers, you'll need a line stage too. (They're 200/300/400 wpc, in case that's not obvious.) My suggestion is that the next step is to buy one of the heavy-duty power amps and use the CP-101 integrated's line stage as a preamp. The step after that would be to upgrade the line stage to something like a CP-45 or CP-65 and move the CA-101 to your office or some other function.

Given the size of the room (30' x 25' x 12' = 9000 cubic feet) you almost certainly need a WHOLE LOT of power on some kinds of music. I'm not into overkill but really I'd say that with that size room it's really going to use it.

You know what, I had not even thought about that solution but I think it's a great one. Here is, I think my next scenario as you described.

1-keep integrated for now
2-buy a used power amp, at least the CA201 and have it fed from my integrated (this will lead to choose a proper interconnects but that's another subject all together
3-Since I only have one room that accomodates audio listening, I will eventually sell the cap101 integrated, this will fund the preamp upgrade to 47.5 or 60 or 65.

I am quite conmfortable with this plan. I think you are right , moving from the base line integrated to the top line may not do that much difference. However buy ultimately having let's say the cp47.5 with CA201, I can always upgrade to the CA301 wihtout changing the entire setup again... and most important not go banckrupt!!!

Thanks for your help.
Not that you necessarily want to feed the insanity, but here are a couple of more things to think about:

- The CA-200/300/400 family are quite similar to the 201/301/401, but slightly older. They are excellent pieces too, and generally cost somewhat less given their age. I've got a CA-200 and I am quite satisfied. I've heard a few opinions that say that the older family is better than the new one. I don't agree, but it hasn't been just one person who's said this, so obviously there's a mixed opinion out there.

- Apparently it is possible to upgrade a CA-x00 to a CA-x01, for some amount of money. I've just heard about this, and I don't know how much it costs. Might be inexpensive, but then just shipping these puppies isn't that cheap.

- Buy these used. There are always a number of them up for sale here on the 'Gon, and they are excellent value on the used market.

- There's always the Classe Omega family to step up to when this gets out of hand :-)