Worth the wait? Buchardt S400's

Hi Everyone,
I have the S400's on preorder and have been waiting for a while. In the meantime I upgraded mu amp from a Parasound to Krell Digital Vanguard, driving my Vandersteen 2ces. The Krell has opened up the sound of my Vandys and I wonder now if I should just cancel my order and invest in better speaker cables and interconnects, etc? 
Anyone own the Buchardts?
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I own the S400s.  About the sound characteristics, they are as a lot of folks claim.  The sound is much larger than the cabinets would indicate and bass extension is far lower than it should be.  Imaging is very stable and the sound stage is superb.  Instrument separation was acceptable.  I listen to a lot of recordings from the 1930s through the 1950s.  Even with bad ones, the sound is always pleasant enough to enjoy  That cannot be said of all speakers.  For lack of better terms, the S400s sound pleasing and natural never harsh or fatiguing.  There is a lot to like about the S400s. 

Like all loudspeakers, there are some things I would change.  My criticisms are few, though.  I would like a bit more openness on the top-end.  They are a little more "neutral" than I prefer.  Vocals can be a touch muddy at times, also, but I didn't notice it often.  That may have been recording-specific.  Lastly, they are not very efficient so you will need some juice to wake them up.  After seeing your amp description above, that should not be a problem.  I am not singling out the S400s for low-efficiency as many, many stand-mount speakers are similar.  Overall, they get a lot right for under $2,000. 

While I can't determine if you should cancel your order based upon the sound of your current system, there is no harm in keeping your order for the S400s and trying them out. They come with a 30-day in-home trial with free shipping both ways. That should allow you an opportunity to make an accurate decision.   I hope you enjoy them.
Thanks smdesforges,
curious what does your system consist of?
My hesitation comes down to my Vandersteen’s and whether I want to keep such big speakers. I love the look of the s400s and I ordered them in white. What stands are you using for them?
I have a modest but enjoyable system.  I stream Tidal from a Bluesound Node 2i to a Rotel RA-1572 integrated amp via Toslink.  The S400s are on Pangea Audio DS400 stands.  
Vocals being muddy is a general side effect of wide dispersion, if you want clear vocals that cut through everything you want a speaker that has a rise in 3-4k region and has limited dispersion so you are listening to a higher percentage of direct sound. KEF, Revel, Amphion, etc speakers will exhibit this in some recordings as well. This is really the only small downside of a design that has wide dispersion. However since the average listener in psychoacoustic studies prefer wider dispersion and spacious sound over narrow dispersion and clarity/pinpoint imaging, it’s a small trade-off to make.
I listened to them for quite a while at AXPONA and for the most part agree with @smdesforges.  I wanted more transparency and presence.  The bass is great- truly a big speaker sound because of the passive radiator.
I was disappointed because the hype fore these was sky high.  One online reviewer compared them to the Joseph Audio Pulsar.  I am being polite when I say he is not correct about that.  My preferences would lead me elsewhere for the asking price.  
 Why chase your tail
Make sure you also have Audio Quest DBS working for you
 Bill Lowe AQ and Vandersteen co patented this design bi wire speaker cables and interconnects with the Vandersteens is a must.
The latest 2CE Sig 2 will easily outperform a 2 way cuties box especially when the lights go out.
Most woman when performance matters pick the Vandersteen faster then their nervous Nellie boy worrying what fashion police thinks as their right brain doesn't enter into analysis paralysis.
 Vandy"s form following function, performance, allows the beauty of the music to win out especially in the dark . 
 Best JohnnyR
 Vandersteen dealer
I’ll look closer at the DBS. Don’t really know anything about them. Do you have a recommendation for speaker cables? Presently using older Taralabs RSC Primes in 15ft length but now I’m in a new house and only need 6-8ft. Always been a Vandys fan and turned many friends onto them. Thanks for everyone’s input :-)
Depends what you like - the northern europeans who make them need to advertise them with, in between speakers, what looks like hard alcohol and a jar of cannabis buds. Maybe that’s what's needed for good sound. Bravo.  Buchardt lifestyle.

Haha yes chrisr. I saw that video. I’m leaning towards keeping my Vandersteen’s. Now  wondering what speaker cable I should get?
I suppose buchardt send bottles and a jar to youtube reviewers... They won’t sound bad that way!
I have had the 2CE signature in my room 10 years ago, and i had them biwired with canare 4s11.. Sounded great i thought! And it's a convenient inexpensive cable.