Worth the move: Polk Lsi9 to Tyler Acoustics Halo 4?

I have an opportunity to pick up a pair of Tyler Acoustics Halo 4 for a pretty reasonable used price. Currently, I have the Polk LSi9s that I've enjoyed a lot, but know that they are far from top notch and so given the opportunity to swap, I am tempted. 

Both bookshelves appear to be about the same size and both use a soft dome tweeter, so the sound signatures, I hope will be similar. For gear, I have the below:

Pre: Outlaw Audio 975
Listening room (living room): 12ftx13ft

I don't suppose there's someone here that's heard both speakers, that can give me some input? Off axis performance is something I value, and having the ability to place the speaker close to the back wall is also important. I'm not sure how well the Halo 4s do with that.

Any and all input appreciated!

if you getting them at great price, you don't risk because you can sell them if you don't like them.
That's what I thought too. I just figured it can't hurt to ask if anyone here owned or at least heard them before.
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I’ve owned the LSi 9 a long time ago, then owned Tyler Talyo Ref monitors and Linbrook Signature monitors.

The LSi 9 were decent (enjoyable, even), but I could tell even at the time that they were great for HT speakers and not quite to true "audiophile" level for 2ch (they were at least better at 2ch than the LSi 15, which were a big mistake for me to buy).

The Taylo Ref monitors were actually really great sounding except for the fact they lacked satisfying bass -- but then what do you expect from a monitor there? Other than bass, these were a very big step up from the LSi 9.

I then bought Linbrook Sig monitors, expecting to get the Taylo sound with more bass, and boy was I disappointed. More bass yes, but now a murky, wooly sound that failed to provide much musical satisfaction at all. Borderline awful.

Since the Halo 4 are priced well below the old Taylo monitor, I’d be afraid you’d be getting a side-grade *at best*, and perhaps even a move straight backwards. Furthermore, used Tylers can be amazingly tricky to resell -- especially in the current market; be very wary of any seemingly "great" deals on these. If you want to move up, it’s best to choose a set from a long-established company with a great reputation towards 2ch/audiophile speakers -- and really try to get an audition first!
Appreciate your input: mulveling

It's very helpful to hear from someone who's owned the speakers I have so thanks for sharing your thoughts.

I've had a tough time trying to replace the lsi9, because while this speaker is far from perfect, it does a darn good job all around, and generally is pleasant to listen to, especially when run with quality gear. While my gear is nothing exotic, it outclasses the speaker itself, so I know it's about as good as this speaker will get. Without spending major $$ anyway.

I'll take the advise of yours and a few others that have chimed in and skip these Halo 4s. I'll probably go back to trying to locate a set of Totems, like I initially planned. Will need to find a place to hear them first though.