Worth Selling?

Hey guys,
In 1970, I purchased an entire Pioneer setup that included a tuner, amplifier, reverberator, turntable, speakers and headphones (rubber around headphones deteriorated due to age). Although the equipment is in excellent shape, other than headphones, in appearance and function, I don't use the system except around Christmas to play old albums. Thinking about selling everything and wondering if a system like this is worth trying to sell? SA-900 AMP, TX-900 Tuner, SR-202 Reverb., PL-50 Turntable, CS-99 Speakers and SE-30 headphones. Any feedback would be appreciated.
Check Ebay for comparables
The integrated amp and tuner have some value. Speakers and headphones not much if any. If speaker cabinets are good, there may be some value there, not sure about TT. Maybe check a vintage audio or Pioneer collector's site?
I agree with above -the amp tuner and maybe table more than tuner are worth checking for SOLD comps on ebay. Asking prices are pretty pointless it what they sell for that tells you what they are worth. Don't expect a fortune BTW.