Worth repairing JBL L100t3 speakers?

I have an old pair of JBL L100t3 speakers. The surround on both bass drivers has disintegrated, so no sound is emitting from those drivers. Are they worth repairing, or should I just put the money toward a new pair of speakers?
Thanks in advance for your advice.
Try laying them flat on theground with the drivers facing upwards.
Do they work at all? in that position?
if yes then getting new surrounds could be enough.
In not, then at minimum you need complete cone/coil replacement (which is more expensive)
Generally I would say it depends on the cabinets. If they are really near perfect. and the tweeter seems to be ok..
They might be worth fixing. But then you have to FIND someone who can do a good ob.
Locally Wisconsin reconing does a really great ob, but do charge plenty.
So I would try to find a company in your area with a good reputation for reconing to get a quote.

If the cabinets are messed up, and the woofers do not work at all..
Unless you are in love with them, I would skip it. If the tweets and mids do not work either (does it HAVE a separate midrange??) if those are not working either.. forget it.

Now the woofers may have some sale value even if not working... if they are classic JBL quality.
If the sound quality of those drivers were worth it before they stopped working, then I would say yes. And as far as finding a suitable replacement, well that's easy. Even if you can't come by the originals or new surrounds for them. Just measure the driver's electrical properties, then the internal volume of the enclosure and a close replacement could be located at Audio Express or some other online site like that. And usually for a good price as well. Good luck in whatever you decide,

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As Elizabeth mentioned, if the woofers are not making any noise at all, the voice coils may be shot. The woofers should move and play even if the surrounds are in need of replacement. I just replaced the surrounds on a nice pair of L100t3's I have, and it ran about $120 for the pair locally. (professionally done). The L100t3 is actually a pretty good sounding speaker for what they sell for ($650-$850 pr. used). Very dynamic and efficient, accurate tone and strong bass. A nice looking speaker too, if the cabinets are in good shape....Don't toss them out!
Bigshutterbug - where did you get your L100t3 repaired? I am in New Hampshire. Thanks.
I took my woofers in person to a local business called the Speaker Exchange in Tampa. There are other such services available that you can ship your woofers to if you don't have one in your area. There is a service advertised on E-Bay that charges $75 a pair plus shipping. Do a search on there with the words "12 inch Speaker Foam Surround Repair" and you can find them.
With a few exceptions, foam surrounds were pretty much the norm for woofers in the '70s and into the '80s. They worked very well, but they oxidize and rot out in 10-20 years depending on conditions.

Definitely get the foam surrounds replaced. It's not a big deal and there are plenty of places that will do it professionally. Any Dahlquist DQ10s and 1970's EPIs and Advents in operation today have had it done. I once bought a pair of small 20-yr-old EPI bookshelf speakers for $10. As I was loading them into my car the woofer's foam surrounds crumbled in my hands. I ordered a repair kit from a vendor ad in the back of Audio Magazine (it was a long time ago). I repaired them myself for $15 and about 2-3 hrs time.

However, that was a 6" woofer and the JBL uses 12". As you go up in cone diameter, the more difficult it is to keep the voice coil aligned while the glue dries. One method is to remove the dust cap, wedge some toothpicks into the front of the gap to keep it centered, glue the surround and let it dry, then remove the picks and re-attach the dust cap.

But if that's too much trouble, hire a pro. Even if you pay $100 and you end up not liking the speakers, you can sell them for current market value, which beats throwing them away.
Electronics Diversified in Peoria, IL, can completely restore your speakers.