Worth refurbishing an old Nitty Gritty 1.0?


I'm finally back into vinyl after about 20 years. I need a record cleaning system.

I have a pretty good front end: a newly refurbished SOTA Sapphire TT with a Linn Basik LVX arm and an Ortofon 2M "Blue" MM cartridge, fed through a Bottlehead "Seduction" tube phono stage (hand built from their kit).

I have an old Nitty Gritty 1.0 record cleaning unit that has been boxed up, untouched, for many years. (I was shocked to see that there was still cleaning fluid in the bottle!) I was surprised (pleasantly) to see that Nitty Gritty is still in business and will tune up their old 1.0 units for under 50 bucks plus shipping.

Is this worth doing? I remember not particularly liking the machine, years ago, because it actually seemed to make my records noisier, but as I said, that was a long time ago.

Thanks in advance for your advice!
50 bucks? Sure. I'd do it.
Thanks for the idea. I bought one of the first ones (Serial # 146) in the early 80s and a Record Doctor II (Audio Advisor's version of the NG 1) four years ago as a back-up in case the first one ever died. It hasn't, but it could sure use a little TLC after 25 years. Dave
There was a 'refurb' kit of sorts you used to be able to buy from I think musicdirect of chicago...
My center spindle broke off and I had to replace it, which if you follow the directions of the kit, works pretty well. I've had no problems since and that was maybe 10 years ago. Also the felt "lips" around the vacuum slot need replacing ever so often and replacements were part of the kit if I recall.