Worth pursuing analog sound from digital?

Hi all,

I recently acquired a PS audio Nuwave dac which has eliminated most of the digital harshness compared with my old dac but it's still not as smooth and harsh-free like vinyl. I was wondering if it's worth pursuing that analog sound from digital without spending a fortune and if it's even possible. I know lots of digital lovers will say digital can be as good as vinyl but is it really?   

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@lowrider57, I use a pioneer pd-65 as transport sending data via coaxial to the nuwave and it does sound pretty good. The nuwave was much improved than my old dacmagic but maybe the R2R is the solution.

@draumatictenor, I think it's edginess of digital that causes fatigue which is what I'm trying to see if it can be eliminated. 
Thanks for replies. I wanted the perspective of an analog lover which is why I posted here. It sounds like I have plenty of room for improvements but maybe it's unrealistic to get digital to sound just like analog. Each has it's own merits and I will just have to accept it. Will try various tweaks and see what I can achieve without going overboard. Happy listening!
Glad to hear that some have found the magic combo. That's encouraging.
Here's a thought. Anyone in socal willing to do an A-B comparison with his or her system to the available folks here on this thread? I'm sure hearing is very subjective so if we can all hear the same comparison, we may be able to come up with an agreement between digital and analog. You're all welcome to come to my house but my system is less than ideal although vinyl does sound smoother imo. 
I'm no expert but I like vinyl sound more than digital even with it's vices because real sound is not harsh. Analog has it's own coloration but at least there's no harshness to the reproduction. This is the only reason I don't favor digital. If it's possible to remove the digital harshness completely, then there's no advantage to vinyl, imo. 
Is this laser-reading problem something that has been studied and corroborated? Is this a problem if the data is read from a hard drive or flash drive? im no electronic engineer but can't they make the laser processor more specific and less sensitive to avoid the misreads?