Worth pursuing analog sound from digital?

Hi all,

I recently acquired a PS audio Nuwave dac which has eliminated most of the digital harshness compared with my old dac but it's still not as smooth and harsh-free like vinyl. I was wondering if it's worth pursuing that analog sound from digital without spending a fortune and if it's even possible. I know lots of digital lovers will say digital can be as good as vinyl but is it really?   

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i bought a dodocool dac from aliexpress (china) shiped to my front door in kansas city for $50 us dollers & the sound is very analog like never been more impressed you want digital vinyl look no further my friend
i have the answer your looking for & it has nothing to do with equipment? the record company is manipulating the digital/cd audio in two ways.
1.record company applying brick wall mastering for the fake loudness wars used to destroy the audio & remove the analog type sound your looking for.
2.record company manipulating digital/cd audio converting stereo + stereo depth perception to stereo + mono depth perception by manipulating the (L) + (R) phasing to match each other this removes the 360 degree sound stage found on vintage vinyl here's an audio sample to demonstrate.
1.digital mono depth perception http://pc.cd/df8ctalK
2.brick wall removal + mono to stereo depth perception http://pc.cd/FgP
99% of all new ramastered vinyl is cut from the cd master at 16/44 with mono depth perception destroying the vinyl analog ezperience!