Worth it to add streamer to Hegel H390

Hi Audiogon forum.  Question for all of you who may have some experience.  I recently bought a Hegel H390 and love it.  I stream via UPnP Tidal MqA and Qobuz and think it sounds great.  Currently hooked up to my Dynaudio Contour 30’s.  
Not a fan of the mConnect app (or others) and have thinking about adding a Lumin T2 or U1 Mini.  Not sure if the DAC in the T2 would be worth the cost vs going with transport only.  Also open to other suggestions on other transports or dac/streamer combos that are <$5500 and will be an upgrade.  Looking for a native app w/ Tidal/Qobuz integration. 
Any thoughts or suggestions?  My use case is strictly digital.  

bluesound node 2i gets the job done... take digital out from its rca jack, use a decent cable...
@jjss49 agreed. The Node really does work well for the money.
Or blow the wad on a Lumin. You will love their app.
I dont have any experience with it but the the Simaudio Moon 280D is a nice looking unit. Has all the farkle covered. DSD,PCM,Tidal,Qobuz,MQA, and Roon Ready. Might do some investigation on its merits.   Its comes in at about $3.5K, leaves a couple $K to build up a Roon server.
I have the H360 and would stream tidal from my msi laptop. I struggled with delays and dropouts so I bought a roon nucleus and a usb hard drive. I downloaded my library to the portable drive, plugged into the nucleus which I made the "core'. As simple as it was I still got frustrated with all the pc firewalls thus the HD. Anyhow the nucleus is much faster than the pc, no more dropouts and I like access from my phone or ipad.