Worth fixing a Dual CS 455 / Thorens TD 190???

Yesterday I picked up a Dual CS 455 with an Ortofon OM20 cartridge at Goodwill for $30. Unfortunately for me, it came without an AC to DC adapter (it takes 12V DC).

Long story short, after first seeing that the table worked with one adapter I had, I tried another...which turned out to be AC, not DC. I smelled smoke, and the platter started flying at over 100 RPM--which it now also does with the DC adapter.

Does anyone know what I likely fried and what it might cost to fix it? The Thorens TD 190 is made by Dual and is the same table (plus 78 operation) if that helps for reference. I have a good vintage table I enjoy very much (a Rotel RP1100Q). I'm just trying to figure out if it's worth fixing this Dual--if it won't cost too much and might best the Rotel. At the very least, it seems I've gotten a good MM cartridge out of the deal...

Ordered the correct DC power supply from Amazon yesterday. Still wondering if I fried the speed control by accidentally hooking it up to AC.

If it doesn't work with the new power supply, I'm guessing I'll need to have a tech fix it. Anyone with a sense of what that costs or if it's worth spending the repair costs for this 'table? I'm saving my pennies for a Scout, and because that's likely to be a while I hoped this might be an in-between upgrade from my Rotel...
One more try here--I got the correct power supply for this TT, and it still runs crazy fast, and changing from 33 to 45 doesn't alter the speed. I think that by hooking it up to AC I fried the speed control and/or motor. Does anyone have a ballpark sense of what it might cost to fix those things for this TT?

I know the Dual isn't a fantastic 'table, but I'd hoped I might be able to inexpensively set up something a little better than what I have till I've saved up for a VPI. The Rotel I have has a nice, high-torque motor and a so-so tonearm, so I'm not sure if's worth trying to best it with the Dual. Any help is appreciated.
No way. no day is this worth fixing .
Aw, man! So I should pull off the $180 cartridge to keep for a backup and trash the TT?

Too bad I just bought an Ortofon Blue for my Rotel--if I'd waited a week I could've just used the OM20!

Any other experiences with this 'table?
Yup, keep the Rotel till you have enough for what you want.
A happy ending--I've trashed the Dual but found that the Ortofon OM20 it came with sounded better (better tracking, smoother treble) on my Rotel than the Ortofon Blue I'd just bought. I've sold the Blue and bought a new stylus for the OM20: net loss/gain, $0. I think this'll tide me over nicely till I can make a bigger investment in my analog front end.

Thanks for the help, folks.