Worth doing upgrades to my W4S DAC-1?

My understanding is that as far as sound quality, the only distinguishing factor between a DAC-1 and DAC-2 is better capacitors. W4S will upgrade my DAC-1 to the same capacitors are in the DAC-2. I was also thinking that if it's going into the shop, I could do the Femto clock upgrade. All this is $300. I really like my DAC-1 and admittedly I have virtually no experience with standalone dacs. I think my system is fairly resolving- is this a decent "investment" and I use the word investment loosely as I don't think any audio gear really is an investment. I bought my DAC-1 second hand and really don't have a ton in it already.

I would love to hear from anyone who might have done dither or both updates.
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No one's got something to say? I thought all of us here knew everything and could vomment on everything!
Just one person's opinion: upgrades don't really hold their value in the used market. If that's a consideration, and you're looking for a better DAC, selling the DAC-1 and buying something better may make more sense.
I have a DAC-2 DSD and it is outstanding.

If you can get the caps and clock mods for $300 I would go for it in a heartbeat.
I did it and it's a home run- and the folks at W4S are first rate too.
Just upgraded my Dac1, well worth the money. You have to remember that this is a factory upgrade, not a half ass third party upgrade!
Anyone notice that the Femto clock upgrade alone now is $275? When I sent my Dac1 in, the clock upgrade was $150 and the capacitor upgrade was $150, for a $300 total plus shipping. Holy cow, glad I got in under the wire.

Owned a WFS DAC and wasn't overly impressed.

Compared it to an upgraded one - much better.

Zavato you did well.

And yes, W4S folks are absolutely top notch.

Sound and build quality, durability, fast service, resale value, professional attitude - all A+++.