Worth buying a Solution 541?

I'm buying a Soulution 330 amplifier from a dealer. He's offering to "throw in" a significantly discounted (at dealer cost) demo Soulution 541 CD player. I was considering buying the DAC card for the 330 and using my existing transport. Of course, the dealer is saying the DAC in the 541 will be far better. It's the same DAC as in the 560 DAC. Wondering what other's thoughts are? Go for the 541? It's a lot more than I was considering spending vs. buying the DAC card and saving money. Any Soulution owners out there who can comment? Thanks.
Sounds good for the dealer!
Can't you audition them?  
To chayro,

I did listen to the 541, definitely a strong unit. that's the one I'm having difficulty weighing in my mind. The 330 is brand new; just starting to ship. Taking a leap of faith with that one.

To rsf507,

what makes you say what you  said?
Same question as chayro. Have the dealer demostrate the 330 amplifier (when it arrives to his store) with the card inserted and compare this to using the 541 CD player using the same recordings. Only way to know for sure.
Without a complete demo, you're just stabbing around in the dark, which you shouldn't have to do at the prices you're paying.  Be patient, wait for the new unit to come in and have a nice listening session.  When you buy from a dealer, part of the price is for a demo and part is for after-sale service and support.  Use what you're paying for.  
I believe what rsf507 meant was it would obviously be good for the dealer if he can persuade you to take his demo 541 off his hands......
Do not be pressured or rushed.