Worth Bi-Amping Luxman L-450 or L-480?

I've got a pair of Wharfedale 10.7s and am considering trying out a used Luxman L-450 or L-480 that I've seen for sale. These integrated amps have an option to output to the main speakers, remote speakers, or both. I am wondering if it would be possible to bi-amp the wharfedales if I hook up the low frequency wires into the mains and high frequency wires into the remote. When using both the main and remote on the Luxman, does it output 4 channels at 50-70 wpc? Or are the amps really 50-70 wpc for 2 channel with power split in half for four channels?

The amps are only 2 channel amps. So you would gain nothing if
you bi-amp. As a matter of fact you might do more damage doing
that. If those speakers dip below 4 ohms the amps just might
shut down. So your second question is the correct one.
Thanks for the response, Yogiboy. ! I'll make sure to stay away from bi-amping it with the Luxman then.