Worst Music of All-Time

What is the suckiest, pots and pans clanging together, cat in heat, fingernail scratching on the chalkboard noise you have ever heard? To me it has to be all that MTV promoted, yo-yo-yo, B-boy pop music that seems to consume the airwaves, magazines, and television time. And by all means feel free to bash particular artists, I like that too. Example: You could find more musical talent in the restroom of a trailer park chili feed than on a Puff Daddy album. Not too far off, huh?
I couldn't agree more! I mean, I like a lot of modern "rock" and "alterna-gobble", but these "boy groups" have got to go! And I like to look at Britney Spears (she's 18 now, so she needs a jolly good Rogering, from me eevery night...), but gee whiz, I HATE HER MUSIC! Hate Christina Aguelara too. AND I HAAAATTTEEE country music, except for some of Alison Krauss (she's not really "country and western", though). I loved it when Shania Twain and Faith Hill became modern day Madonnas, and helped to kill the 1990's idea of "country music". Maybe "pop" music is cleansed now, but I don't know. And, what the hell is that midget doing with Kid Rock? Just looked weird when I saw 'em on SNL (I don't have MTV...). I like a couple of his songs, but the rest of 'em just seem stupid to me.
As always, you opinion is much appreciated. Thanks Carl. Although the above mentioned artists(?) do take the cake, I'd also have to say that bands like KISS and Aerosmith need to throw in the towel. For good this time. They had their day in the sun but when it's time to go , it's time to go. And that comment on Britney Spears.......she is serious eye candy a one good Rogering may not do her justice. Now repeated nightly Rogerings might do the trick, and I'll bet she can hit those high notes real well......DOWN BOY!!!!!
Bo Donaldson & the Heywoods - Big "hit" being Billy Don't Be A Hero -- AAAAAAAAAAAAAAahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!
I would have to say Wendy Carlos - Switched on Bach. YUCK! This was the worst most fake sounding rendition of Bach I have ever heard! I could not belive it ever made its way into production.
There was some pretty bad S#!t to come out of the eighties...like Ratt...or Dead or Alive...round round baby right round, like a record baby right right round round...immortal classic.