worst 'long-lived' band

as opposed to the best short-lived. reunions count.
Maybe Bob D deserves the "Most Variable Voice Award". It's been all over the place, sometimes sounding very good while at other times almost incoherent like he gargled with broken glass. Great song writer though.
My vote has to go to The Stones. Emotional Rescue is probably one of the worst songs ever recorded. Was given some tix a few years ago to a show at The Garden. Watching paint dry would have been more exciting. Keith couldn't even pull off the solo at the end of "Can't you hear me knockin" and watching Mick prance around and "sing" the way he does was quite comical.
In the day she was know for hooking and shooting heroine in the Village....
.Hey, I've heard about Debbie's use of drugs [obvious opioid use], and her rather "unabashed" sex life. But I was unaware of her "alleged" hooking. I really hope that you are SURE of your sources, before making this accusation.

Anyway, I spent these years in the Boston area, so I never actually went to CBGB's [foolish me!]. I went to some interesting clubs [The Channel in South Boston was my favorite]. BTW, I love the B-52's "ROCK LOBSTER" CBGB's performance that was released on video!
I second Jimmy Buffet. At least most of the bands previously mentioned were, at one time, good. But Buffet? Crappy from day one and STILL crappy. I think that puts them at number one worst.