worst 'long-lived' band

as opposed to the best short-lived. reunions count.
Mick & "the boys"! Yeah, the Stones had a great 20 year run, but in the early 1980's, they started to become a parody of themselves...today, they are a corporate enterprise which can not be taken seriously, especially at $200- and up for a concert seat. Mick has NOT been able to sing live for 25 years...amazing what 20 or more studio takes and subsequent editing can do for vocals.

Blondie reunions [ugh!]...not to mention the bad blood with the original band members. Debbie looks like a washed up hooker, and absolutely no voice left!

Sadly, RIP CBGB's...how many bands honed their chops there, when no one else would provide a venue?
The Eagles
Stones (last good record Some Girls)
Steel Wheelchairs indeed
Tom Petty keeps putting out the same record
I agree with Fatparrot above. The Stones were bad enough in their heyday in the 60's and early 70's--they did write some OK stuff--but later they have become almost comical. I read somewhere that after the early 70's they no longer wrote their tunes prior to recording sessions, but went into the studio to jam and see what came out of it. Unfortunately, very little did. I won't even get into their lifestyles.