worst cover songs.....

This was an easy choice...hey Joe and good day sunshine...a double nomination for Eddie Murphy...both from his horrifics lp loves alright...for a man that made his bread mocking micheal Jackson...who ironically appears on the lp...his hi pitched off key wailing sounds like a bad impersonation
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There is nothing worse than this atrocity...Corey Feldman covering John Lennon's Imagine.

The incredible hack job Joe Cocker does on "With A Little Help From My Friends".

From the painfully long extended instrumental introduction to the ear piercing screaming vocals, this might be the worst Beatles cover ever.
I've always loved the Joe Cocker version. It puts the Beatles version to shame and I like it too.

No cover of any Beatles' song puts the original to shame.

Bill, I always appreciate your opinion but it's just that. It is not the revealed word. :-)