Worst Audio Injury !!

Anyone ever get physically injured because of your stereo? I was installing interconnects a couple years back and stood up quickly and hit my head on the corner of one of the shelves.I got a half inch gash on my forehead that seemed to bleed forever.When I switched from digital to vinyl I was used to the easy storage of CD's.I had my LP"s on the floor and one day went to bend down to get a LP out of the crate and tripped and hit my knee on the cornerof the crate.My knee still isnt right.And you?
I got hurt pretty bad when I heard what a really good system could do. Well, it hurt my feelings, anyway.
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I stumble while carrying large capacity loudspeakers. I broke my arm, this is the most severe audio show I've ever encountered. But that's not all, I really love the sound making profession and use modern audio equipment.
dan am thanh hoi truong is one of my favorite jobs
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