Worst Album Covers by your fav albums

1. Salisbury, Uriah Heep´s finest album contains very beautiful & emotional music. Salisbury epic is a love song. The Park is dedicated to a brother who died in war. The music is for peace & love. Stupid war tank is travesty to this masterpiece, Ken Hensley wasn´t excited either
2. Santana III, the naked "space" man looks really weird, otherwise great though
3. Time and a Word by Yes, strange & dull UK cover, and stupid US cover misses Peter Banks who is replaced by Steve Howe who doesn´t play on the album !

Brilliant music but stupid covers.

Tell us yours...

All worst album covers belong to Ted Nugent by default.
Neither one however is on my favorite list.
Another cool example of the cover that really can pull you out from purchasing the record is there: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Bob-Summers-When-Im-Dead-And-Gone-Excellent-Condition-Promo-LP-/201640466982...

Kevin Rowland-"My Beauty"

Orleans-"Waking and Dreaming"

if bad cover for my favorite album then it is Meddle by PF. I wish I'd never learned that it depicts human ear, underwater, with ripples symbolizing soundwaves. 
on the bright side, as with Salisbury, this shows that one can get used to anything as long as the music is great
I don't know about worst, but just yesterday I pulled out Traffic's: "The Low Spark of High Heeled Boys", and thought to my self that the cover didn't appear to portray the feelings I get when listening to the music.