Worlds best DAC

Went to CES this year to work on my transition to high Rez digital. I've heard many of the highly regarded players in my room or in others systems in the past. I'm actually very happy with my current cd based sound. As I listened to various DACS playing CD then high Rez, I was not bowled over. High rez was better, but only slightly so. The best (and most different) sound I heard happened to have one similarity. They were 2 non oversampling DACS with tube analog stages(Zanden and Ypsilon). These were without question the most natural sounding digital systems I heard at the show. They made CDsound miles ahead of high Rez. What gives?

PS: I understand the limitations of show auditions.
Charles, most people who own SOTA vinyl and digital concurrently favor vinyl (Mike L. for example). Beyond that, people I trust who have nothing to sell still feel master tape is king. If digital works for you, great. Its a matter of goals and expectations. Its getting closer though as this and other threads indicate which is exciting.

Good suggestions Alex. I would be interested to hear that outcome....
With all the time, money and effort you have put in your system are you dissatisfied with your digital playback? I hope not. I'm constantly finding good sounding CDs to listen to. If you truly believe digital sucks you should consider going exclusively LP or R2R. Spending time on this forum it appears some just can't find lasting happiness with their systems regardless of the expenditure. Don't fall into that rut.
I was asked about the zanden dac. in my opinion having heard all of the versions, I prefer the original. it had the classic tube sound and one could listen to any recording , regardless of quality, and still have a smile on your face.
Charles, my digital rig is very good but I will most likely be getting a L7 Lampizator. The issue with digital for me is by and large recording quality. You can listen to VanHalen on vinyl (which I did as a 12 yr old) while the digital version is garbage. Digital tends to pigeonhole the listener a little more and thus the existence of "audiophile" recordings, hi rez, DSD, etc.

I am also to some degree the prisoner of my OCD quest for that "live" sound. Pretty or pleasant sounding hifi puts me to sleep. My room or system delivers the closest I have heard to that sound in a home setting, and in that regard, it is a stunning achievement for Starsound. On the flip side, EVERY change is audible for better or for worse. I will get there though. What you will hear at CES will hopefully be a taste of the sort of "digital" that will inhabit my room in the not too distant future.
Bill, the ML3 Reference speakers sound very interesting and evokes thoughts of Dale Pitcher's speakers. Once you hear a probably grounded box (aka no box), there is no going back....