World Series Buzz

Anyone hearing the buzzing, droning noise in the World Series broadcasts? Really, it sounds like someone left an electric razor on. The bright side is I'm not deaf yet.
I'm watching on Direct TV.
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That might be the critters in the RS beards. See if it gets louder during interviews. :^)
too many are chewing tobacco and spitting.
jock itch? just guessing cause I don't watch
It's the rest of the world snoring.
Blimp? Sometimes when I am watching sporting events that have blimp coverage you can hear the blimp's motor droning on and on.
Hey Dweller, I'm not hearing it. I'm also watching via DirecTV, with box feeding an AV receiving via optical cable into a 5.1 Mirage system. No buzzing at all. Are you only hearing it on that channel and during the broadcasts only?
Jmcgrogan2: Useful.

The noise is a little higher-pitched than you'd expect from a blimp motor, however.
I dunno, the Tigers are out of it...

stoopid Red Sox

Direct TV or cable, it doesn't matter. It's crowd noise. They allow it in so you feel like you are at the game. It's always there.
Fox Sports uses many crowd mics and really cranks them up. It's supposed to be that "you are there" effect, but mostly it's just ambient noise. There's even a mic to capture the crack of the bat.
I just turned off Game 3 (in St. Louis).
DirecTV is sponsoring the blimp (so I know there is one) but there is no "electric razor" noise in tonight's broadcast.
I'll tune in Game 6 (if the series returns to "Baston")
and hear what I can hear!
I did not hear any buzz on Sat game via Uverse, it sounds fine
I turned the game back on just after 8 p.m. (PST) and was hearing the buzz.
This has to be some kind of control signal used for setting microphone volumes, dynamic range etc..
Another possible is that it's some kind of "dithering" or digital artifact (the whole bloomin' broadcast is digital, right?).
I guess I'll just wear earmuffs. This should mitigate the buzz so I won't be reminded how crappy living in the future is.
Hello Bcgator,

I've got the series on right now. It is down the hall in my TV area (30 feet away) and I can hear that damn buzz plain as day. Sounds just like an electric hair clipper or shaver.
It may be due to my equipment (46 inch Toshiba LED 1080p and Visio sound bar $90 at Walmart).
I appreciate the support I'm getting from you-all.
I'll just accept it as another thing I can't control and move on.
It's only on the WS broadcast and not on other live sports broadcasts?
Lowrider57: Yes. It is a constant, droning buzz. It gets louder when crowd noise occurs (someone hits a home run, etc.). It does come and go i.e. it's not always there.
It's probably crowd noise overwhelming the broadcast A/D converter resulting in IM (intermodulation) distortion.

Speaking of IM distortion; I remember a bunch of us kids would form a huddle and whistle as loud as we could (at grammer school recess).
This is the fingers in the mouth kind of whistling that generates 110+ DB SPLs.
Within the din is a composite waveform that is distinct and really cool (to an eighth grader).
It sounds like tuning an old time radio trying to locate a channel.

Finally, The Cardinals were my Fathers lifetime favorite ball team (he grew up in Southern Illinois).
He passed away October 23, 2012 (one year ago) -BTW, this year's World Series started Wednesday, October 23.
Since no one else is hearing this buzz, it may be my Dad watching the game with me and rooting for the Red Birds!