world's best preamp closest to real sound stage

seeking realistic, realism, natural, depth, you are there sound. i was lucky to discover sound dynamics 300 ti's. a pass a40 amp, onkyo p304 preamp. ok so i am poor but i have rich taste! har har. seriously now i want to have the best in the world don't want to have to buy another preamp and yes everything is going to be chucked out for new stuff. the direction i am heading - von schweikert vr-4 jr speakers. for amp 1 of these: vac, theta, classe, rogue, pass, ayre, lamm, mcintosh......for preamps these are what i am considering: pass x1, lamm l1, arc ref2 mk2, vtl 7.5, wyetech opal, bat vk51se, mcintosh c2200, ayre k-1x, sim audio moon p5, cat ultimate, hovland hp100, audible illusions 3a or sonic frontiers line3. what will bring me closest to the sound stage if i listen to symphonic music and opera.
Atma-Sphere, MP-3 or the MP-1. By far the largest soundstage I've had in my home.
Meridian 861, or 98G series orchestral is pathetic in two channel only

For Orchestral Music nothing beats trifield for Soundstage (control of and size) or accuracy.

IF you have to stay two channel;

EMM DCC-2 with ATC SCM-100's, will smoke any combination of electronics you can use with with the VR4jrs. You shouldn't buy "value" speakers with cost no object electronics. Doesn't make sense.

You should think about more expensive much better speakers and less expensive electronics.
Of the ones you have listed, I lick the VTL, BAT and Ayre, in that order. The BAT is the best deal at its used price IMO.
Pedrillo, I think many factors influence your sound stage realism, such as room treatments, speaker placement, and even clean power, but the best linestage for realism I have heard thus far is the H-Cat P12R X9. I'm not even sure this company is still around, however.
The significant players in soundstage reproduction are the recordings, the speakers and the room acoustics. Preamps play a minor role if they are decent.

Seems an odd question if your concerns are to buy the "the best pre made" running Von schweikert vr-4 jr speakers..IMO get better speakers, then build around them.The BEST pre wont matter until ya do
Hmm. You can't fix things downstream with better speakers if your preamp can't do the job, no matter how much you spend.
I think this thread has gone in too many different directions. To expand on what Atmasphere said......Speakers do make a difference. Preamps do make a difference. The source makes a difference. Amplifiers do make a difference. Cables and the room make a difference.

It's not any one particular piece of the puzzle rather the the puzzle as a whole that will give you everything you want. The weakest link theory does play a role in audio.
"Best" I've heard (and that's relatively few compared to all models ever made) is the MFA Luminescence non octal tube version. The unit itself was extremely microphonic to the touch yet it did not translate into the overall sound. Stunningly if not alarmingly alive sound unfortunately extremely rare.

I'm guessing the mainstream might assume the microphonics a shortcoming with the MFA design but there is no denying its absolute amplification of an input signal.

If your goal is realism and assuming you have the room I wouldn't start with electronics. I'd suggest starting at the bottom with a pair of Velodyne 1812's topped off with a pair of Magico Q5's. Using even modestly priced electronics you'd be 95% of the way there.
Anyone notice this thread is 7 years old?

The op's system is completely different now.

Why do people resurrect old threads? Why not just start a new one?

That said I happen to think that the preamp is a very important piece of the puzzle. Buy the best you can afford.