"World's Best Cables" vs Audioquest interconnects

I've heard many great things about "World's Best Cables". At such low price, these alleged giant killers are a no brainer, so I ordered two pairs. When the shipment arrived, I connected one pair from my phono stage to my preamp, and another pair from my preamp to my power amp.

These cables replaced my trusty old Audioquest interconnects.

First listening impressions: extremely lean sound. Details etched in space, almost as if a strong laser beam is outlining them.

Santana I, side 1: almost unlistenable. The highs are piercing, the soundstage is flat, the splash cymbals sound like trash cans. Made my head hurt.

Switching back to my Audioquest cables: my god, what a relief! The sound is back to its good old sound of music. Everything sounds natural again.

Now, the "World's Best Cables" come with the users manual that claims that the cables need to be burned in for 175 hours. Should I give them the benefit of the doubt and suffer 175 hours, or is that just an audio myth about cables burn-in?



boy you don't know much do you? all cables need to be burnt in for a couple hundred hours whether their speaker cables or interconnects or digital cable. how long have you been doing this? LOL LOL

monoprice cables are not very good you want the best cables by OCC single Crystal copper that has been proven now for 50 years to be the best cable for audio and there's some companies that rip you off for it and there's some companies that charge fairly for it.

Uh, the OCC process was not even discovered until 1986.

In 1986 the Ohno Continuous Casting (OCC) process was introduced. The world patent "UP-OCC" (Ultra Pure Copper by Ohno Continuous Casting Process) was developed by professor Ohno of Chiba Institute of Technology in Japan.

The OFC conductors and XLPE insulation in the Mogami cables is fine. The 22awg stranded conductor size is adequate for ICs, although some like a bit larger size, which may provide a denser, more robust (i.e., less thin) sound. You can purchase that cable bulk for around $1/foot. However, professional lineage cables like those are designed for ruggedness, flexibility, and “good” sound but not necessarily SOTA sound. In this case, the gold over brass connectors could be improved on. WBC previously offered KLEI connectors (for more money) which, IMO, would probably result in a sonic upgrade based on the copper base metal and minimalist design. Your AQ cables may have solid conductors and, if they are older, I am not surprised if they sound a bit warmer.

Your audio cables shouldn't change the sound of your system. Instead, they should simply allow your system to perform normally.

Cable resistance is the most important thing. Then comes compacitance and inductance. If a cable measures well on an audio analyzer, it will be equally transparent to a different cable with the same or similar measurements. If the differences between measurements are beyond the threshold of human hearing, you will hear no difference.

Audiophiles often hear differences in cables due to volume matching issues and confirmation bias. The power of suggestion is very strong. It's like trying a restaurant that your friends and family suggested. Since they like it so much, you're going to try and appreciate the food and drinks more.

Cables are very inexpensive to produce. Companies selling it for thousands of dollars are taking advantage of audiophile gullibility.


If you want to be full proof, just keep your interconnects as short as possible and your speaker cables below the maximum length based on impedance and AWG.

Cables are like a bridge for the audio signal and electrons to cross. Make sure that bridge is not too long, and you should be fine.

And besides, I have never heard of an audio component company or speaker company being able to guarantee maximum system performance with a particular brand of exotic speaker cable. If this was truly the case, then why don't they tell you?

Afterall, a manufacturer who wants maximum profits for their audio components and speakers would want their gear to perform well! So if word gets out, more people buy = more money for them! 

Get my drift??!