Work Headphones Under $200, sealed, easy to drive

Hi everyone,

I'm looking for suggestions for work headphones. They can't be fussy about the source. Sometimes a laptop, sometimes my phone. I'm often a fan of AKG headphones, even if I like a little more bass. 

Noise isolation is also important.

What would you recommend? 


Based on an Innerfidelity review, I picked up a pair of Sennheiser HD 4.40BT wireless over the ear headphones at Best Buy for $99. Usually $150. 

They can be used wired or wireless.  

Love the sound and isolation for the price but my noggin is a bit big so comfort for all day wear is a problem.  

At that price I wasnt too concerned about leaving them in my desk drawer at the office.  

I should list them here and let someone else enjoy them.  
Just my luck, HiFiMan 400i and 400s are under $200 right now, and open back. :( They are teasing me! 

Check amazon, I have gotten very good deals on the B&W PX as well as Momentum 2. Both are great.