Work Headphones Under $200, sealed, easy to drive

Hi everyone,

I'm looking for suggestions for work headphones. They can't be fussy about the source. Sometimes a laptop, sometimes my phone. I'm often a fan of AKG headphones, even if I like a little more bass. 

Noise isolation is also important.

What would you recommend? 


Consider the Beyerdynamic DT240 Pro.  On sale for $89.  I really like mine, and Steve Guttenberg gave them a really enthusiastic review.
Just discovered Mitchell & Johnson via Parts Connexion's July sale. Comments? 

I really have never heard of them, and the GL2 is just above my price point, but I could stretch if worth it. 
Seinheiser HD 25 Pro. Excellent isolation, comfort and tremendous dynamics. Works well with iPhone or other low power amp.
The new B&W noise canceling phones cost around $400 and sound impressive and felt comfortable when I demoed them.  The noise canceling can be turned off and the Bluetooth sounds impressive.
  You may not want to use noise canceling at work, especially if your boss is lurking 
The B&W are definitely out of my price range. 

I should have made it clear also I'm looking for over the ear solutions, my bad. 

What about the Sennheiser Momentum series? 
Based on an Innerfidelity review, I picked up a pair of Sennheiser HD 4.40BT wireless over the ear headphones at Best Buy for $99. Usually $150. 

They can be used wired or wireless.  

Love the sound and isolation for the price but my noggin is a bit big so comfort for all day wear is a problem.  

At that price I wasnt too concerned about leaving them in my desk drawer at the office.  

I should list them here and let someone else enjoy them.  
Just my luck, HiFiMan 400i and 400s are under $200 right now, and open back. :( They are teasing me! 

Check amazon, I have gotten very good deals on the B&W PX as well as Momentum 2. Both are great.