Work a nice tube integrated amp into my system?

I have what I know many will consider an odd-ish setup. Pioneer Elite receiver, Jolida tube CD player, Musical Fidelity A5 250 watt SS amp for powering the fronts. Speakers are Monitor Audio Gold Ref 20's, Gold Ref Center and 10's for surrounds. No sub. I know a lot of people don't, but I like these MA speakers. Yes, sometimes they can be too "truthful", but adding the Jolida and some Harmonic Technology interconnects and JPS power cords tame them nicely and help bring out the best in them musically, at least to me. Detail, bass, and soundstage are very good. For movies and such (forgot to mention a very basic Pioneer DVD player, currently), this set up doesn't have to get any better.

BUT - I would like to improve on the 2-channel side. I'm thinking an amp change is the way to go. I love what the tubed Jolida does for the system hence I'm interested in adding a tubed amp or tubed integrated. What recommendations might anyone have for about $3500 or less, new or used? I read mostly good things about Ayon and Cayin, Manley as well. Would love to hear others' opinions, and who knows....maybe somebody out there has even successfully paired up MA's with tubes! .... Thanks.
I had MA's with a Almarro A318B SET high current amp and it was a wonderful match.
Your receiver is more than likely the bottle neck in your system.
Putting a integrated tube amp will definitely improve on what you have.
My amp cooked a resistor and while I was waiting for my parts to fix it, I put a receiver of equal quality as your Pioneer in to get me by.
After one day I pulled it out of the system due to the disappointment in the sound I was hearing.
Once you try a tube amp in your system, it's very hard to go back to a receiver.
Just my thoughts in trying to help.
Have a nice day.
Keep the amp and get some good speakers......
There is a Jadis Orchestra Reference on the auction block. Just switch in EL34s for the KT 90s and you will love it.
I bought one of these off a gent here on the 'Gon

I'm [i]very[/i] pleased with the integrated, and pretty hard to beat for $2500
Zmanastronomy, I will have to investigate the Almarro for sure. Sounds quite interesting! Thanks for the recommendation.

Mechans and Hack- appreciate your feedback also. I'll look into your suggestions as well.
My dealer used Monitor Audio Silver RS6 and Jolida CDP Acoustic Zen cables at a demo with the Unison Unico SE. It was one of the best sounding systems I have ever heard.

Take a look at my listing and send me an email if you need more info.

Good luck in your search.
Try a Cayin 100, great sound, solid value.
Thanks so much for sharing the demo experience. The Unison does sound like a nice match! Unfortunately finances dictate that I hold off on buying right immediately.

Buconero, Thanks for the suggestion! Not all but most feedback I've read about Cayin is very, very good. It will be on the short list.