Woojer headphone are they opening a new branch of the audiophile tree?

 I saw this ad and was wonder what you think of the potential of this product to send the effects of listening to another level a new branch of the audiophile evolutionary tree.  If folks want to feel the bass and spend thousands for that floor shaking vibration this may be a valid option.


Ok, so it's a wearable Butt Kicker. Meh. It in no way means the sound is actually good. In fact, the company can probably get away with worse sound, given the distraction of the vibrations. 
douglas_schroeder I'm talking about its potential not where it is now but what it could be. 
Yeah, it is not wanted by audiophiles today nor tomorrow.

Maybe more for the lifestyle “I’ve got a bose set-up” crowd.  Perhaps it’s something that excites the op, but not me
It would not be my cup of tea as it stands, but you never know where technology can take us, or how long it will take. Heck, I'm still waiting on the orgasmatron from Sleeper to hit the market.  
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