Woofer on top?

I have a pair of Mission 750se that have the woofer on top of the tweeter.I think all Missions are made this way but could be mistaken. I had been under the impression that the tweeter should be at ear level. Love the sound but was curious as to why this method in design. Enjoy the music!
Many Mission models to include the M70, M71, M72 have this design and sound fine. No hard and fast rules with tweeter placement.
Sorry, it is not the woofer that is on top, but the tweeter that is on the bottom!

My wife has a pair of tse smaller Missions with that configuration and I can't see that it changes anything, assuming the speakers are on stands and at the correct height.

BTW, what ever happened to Mission are they still in business?
It depends on the crossover design as many will create a lobing of the on-axis response up or down. Of course, you want that aimed at the listener's ears.

This was always Missionaries position but it works quite well either way.