Woofer manufacturor for Aerial 5Bs

Does anyone know who manufactures the woofer drivers in Aerial's 5B monitor speakers. The 5Bs I have are probably greater than four years old. Thanks.
Try asking aerial. Doubtful you could buy the same woofer from anyone except aerial in any case. They would probably sell a replacement one if need be though.
Thanks for your response.
Comparing the part number on my woofer with those on web sites like Madisound I found that Vifa has very similar part numbers. I then searched and found a Sterophile article stating Vifa made custom woofers for Aerial 5s. I have sent an email to Aerial.
Did you blow out the woofer? Aerial parts are pricey.
I am using the 5s as rear-side channel channel speakers in a 5.1 channel home theater set up. I did not notice the moment the woofer stoped working, so I do not know what happened. However, there appears to be no externaly visiable damage.
I suppose if the replacement from Aerial is comparable in price to a pair of used speaker, I'll get the used speakers.
I think you'd be best off with the vifa's especially in the side configuration. Surely better than a new pair of used speakers.