woofer flutter only in one channel

i know there are many things that can cause this flutter during vinyl playback. but for some strange reason i have it in only one channel. my musichall mmf 5 in on a good homemade rack than sits on a carpeted concrete floor in the basement. speakers are ported epos m 12.2s. i cant help but think the only thing that would cause this is cartridge alignment. i have installed an ortafon blue as best i can with the alignment tool that came with the tt. any help would be great.
I have had problems w/woofer pumping too. It could be a cartridge set up problem, cart/arm non-compliance issue or a issue with isolation of the TT.

It seems thre are a few ways to deal w/it. 1. Reloc TT 2. Get a filter to block really low frequency from interferring (try the KAB filter) 3. Try a different cart with your arm.

I had this issue when using a Sota Comet w/RB301 arm and Ortofon Blue. There should be no compatibility problems (per the manufacturer). There was not an isolation issue - yet the woofer still pumped.

Just so happens I changed the Sota for a OL TT with OL arm and Ortofon Blue. It sounds great and has no woofer pumping (except on a warped lp).

Hope this is useful.