Woofer connections for KEF 104.2

I recently began the process of rebuilding my KEF 104.2s after finding one of the woofers with both a damaged cone and open voice coil. I have replaced two of the woofers with factory stock units gotten off E Bay, and along with the remaining two, had them professionally restored by Spectrum Sound here in St Louis. As a side note, I also replaced the tweeters as the originals were deteriorating due to dried ferro fluid etc. Anyway my problem now is that I have way too much bass from these speakers to be enjoyable. They are just not right. I'm pretty sure I wired them in as they came out, but I still question my hookup. The woofers are sealed well with the boxes and the woofer enclosures are properly packed with the required acoustic foam. What I can't find any documentation on is how the two woofers are wired within each speaker with regard to phase. It seems logical that the woofers be wired out of phase with each other so that on a positive pluse the cones would fire towards each other forcing air from the port of the bandpass enclosure. That said, If they should be in phase, working together, the bass output from the port would be greatly reduced. Has anyone had an issue with bass heavey 104.2's ?