Woof Woof need a little help

Looking to buy a powered subwoofer for my son so he can hear his rap in all its "glory". I am unsure if he can use it with his current equipment. He has an old Yamaha (1979) integrated amp. Can he plug the sub into the "B" speaker inputs and set output to A & B or do subs require a special input? Thanks for helping the ignorant.
Buy an Earthquake with remote control and dont tell him about the remote ;)
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It has been sometime since I connected a subwoofer to a receiver with no sub output but I believe you connect speaker wire from your receiver's outputs to your subwoofer's speaker inputs. Then you take another pair speaker wire from the subwoofer output and connect it to your speaker inputs.

Something like this. You would be utilizing the crossover of the subwoofer.


You are a nice Dad to accomodate your son's love of rap music. My parents weren't so accomodating till I tried to improve the bass on my Dad's ADS speakers by swapping out the stock woofers with Pyle subwoofers. When I damaged his amp and the ADS crossovers he finally got me a better sound system but only after grounding me for almost 6 weeks.

Good luck.
Jedinite24, how old are you?

Quoting Snoop Dog instead of giving credit where it belongs, to George Clinton? Oh, the humanity - this young generation...
Hi Trelja

Sorry about the travesty. I knew the lyrics above were used in the chorus a Snoop Dogg track but I had the feeling that they were sampled from somewhere else but I just couldn't place it @ the time. I didn't have the time to fully research and pull the proper reference. I just copied and pasted the lyrics. They made no reference to George Clinton.

Again my apologies.
No apologies necessary. Actually, I was only having some fun.

If you don't know the song, Atomic Dog, you can check the incredibly dated video out here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=szkmivRWegU

By the way, I've been meaning to tell you this for a while - in my opinion, you've got probably the coolest moniker on Audiogon.
Depending on the sub you can you a speaker out like you mentioned or I prefer a preamp output if available, that way the volume will go up and down with the volume control on the amplifier.. Or you can use a tape out and adjust the volume on the sub. I would suggest that you teach him not to overwhelm the music with the sub.
'Don't overwhelm the music with the sub'....to a teen! Nice try.

You could run the sub dead end from the 'b' speaker outputs but the mains will continue to run full-range.

YOU adjust the darn thing since the youngster will doubtless crank it UP and have the crossover too high so not only will he eventually overdrive the amp.....fried tweeters coming right up, but be listening to awful, muddy ....whatever he calls it.
Get him a used powered PA sub...like a Mackie with an 18" or 15" speaker.
Many powered subs have low level and hi level inputs/outputs. These are rca and speaker connections. If the Yamaha amp does not have a pre amp out, look for a sub that has speaker connections and connect speaker wire from Yamaha amp to sub in this way. All will be fine. Some subs become more complicated by allowing a built in crossover to roll off the bass from the main speakers if you connect the mains from the sub "out"(pre or speaker). Whether he uses speaker pair B or connects it to A, the drain on the main amp is minimal to drive the subs amplifier. What main speakers does he use and what kind of room does he have ? Does your son live with you ? Because if he does, you might be introducing a situation where the bass might become bothersome throughout the house. I do not know if you like rap as much as he. There is much info on the web about subs. Hope you found this helpful.
Tape Out will give a line level to the sub, and all these subs have their own level.