wooden floors or carpet?

I have Vandersteen 2 speakers and I am thinking of installing a wooden floor into my dedicated listening room. Does wood or carpet provide the best sound? Also, if I get wood, what do I do with the spikes under the speaker stands and under my component rack? Thanks for your input.
after a number of experimets of what to place under the speakers i figured that the best surface is vinyl record placed over the carpet.
you can leave your wood floors but lay a pieces of carpet and your bad and scratched analogue records under the speakers.
If you use spikes on a wood floor (as I do on one of my systems) put the points on a coupling disk: http://www.audiopoints.com/
Works very well for me!
If you don't use carpet, you should have some area rugs on the floor in the 1st reflection zones of the floor, as well as wall treatments. Hard floors reflect alot of sound.

Lak's suggestion of coupling discs is a good one to protect the floor from the points.

I never tried Marakanetz's vinyl records under the speakers.
Lak is right on, however, I would couple to the floor--- carpet or no carpet. You'll love it. A little area rug (or big one, depending on your room size) might help things, as well. I'm a big believer in coupling: EVERYTHING! peace, warren
Marakanetz have you tested you tweek with different styles of music? Does placing a Jazz, Classical, Rock, etc. LP sound any different from the other?
I actually have several layers of records glued together. Under my Totems enogh having only one 12" record but other speakers may need more record surfaces under. Maybe three groups of 7" ones will do. It's acutally looks nice too!

Mostly I have loads of Artie Show records that are badly scratched. I also somewhere have Frank Sinatra resting under as well. If I find some other scratched styles I'll definitely try.:-)