Wood Cones, JVC EX-A1 $550

Just curious if anyone has heared this thing yet. They have a small artical about it in the Aug 2004 issue of Playboy.
This minisystem has those wooden cones that are made by soaking them in Sake.

Anyone heared this yet? impressions?

Im curious if we will start seeing more wooden speakers on the market soon.
Hi Slappy,

Yes, I read about this a while ago. At first, I think we will all get a small chuckle out of it. Actually, the fact that soaking a wooden cone in sake makes the cone perform differently than a non-soaked cone shows the insidious nature of vibration and how it can affect an audio and video system. Almost ANYTHING we do in the realm of vibration control makes a difference. The question is whether that difference brings us closer to faithfully reproducing what has been captured in the recording or takes us further away from that goal.

I am not a proponent of cones (they do not isolate a component from vibration and because they are a rigid device, they transmit vibration up through the rack and shelf into the component. They also do nothing to address air-borne and internally generated vibration). But the fact that a company like JVC is actually using a "tweak" kind of item in one of their designs is heartening.

Best Regards,

Barry Kohan

Disclaimer: I am a manufacturer of vibration control products.
I saw a post on this after my neighbor mentioned it to me...saw that you had responded to it also Slappy...when I read the article, I noticed that this guy at JVC had been working on this technology for 20 years and was trying to better the technologies/cone materials of the time...well...seems like the technologies have already advanced...kevlar, etc...so I think this guy is a day late and a dollar short.

Plus...i went to a site that had the specs...they listed the amp at 30w into a 4ohm load w/ 10% distortion...obviously these are some pretty inefficient speakers.

I told my neighbor that as much as I would like to see him buy it...only to hook up the speakers to my rig and see how they *actually sound...I think that even for 500 bucks...a vintage nad receiver & cd player plus a new pair of those epos ELS3 speakers that everybody is talking about would be a much better choice...hell...I stayed up all night researching systems for my neighbor so he wouldn't throuw his money away on this thing.

I have a GREAT suggestions...why dont one of the super rich uber audiophiles on this site buy one and then see what it's all about...after all...it is less than some of you guys spend on cables...and think about it...you guys can be pioneers...I just cant afford to be that pioneer when I have to save my pennies for real gear.(shakes jar of change)

just my 2c

Hi All,

Ooops. Please disregard that last post by me. I had read about the sake soaked speaker cones, but when I saw Slappy's post I temporarily went brain dead and forgot that the article was about speaker cones and not cones that go under equipment!

I do think my comments about vibration control are valid, however.


I second Ellery's suggesion. Some rich guy oughtta buy it and give us his opinion of it. :)
AlbertPorter?...where are you when we poor guys need you...lol
Um Slappy? Are you saying you read Playboy for the articles? Ok then.
Drunk Drivers? A.A. member beware? Must show I.D. to purchase?

Is GUIPETTO the new engineer at JVC?

I wouldn't watch the Dvd animated movie "ANTS" on this system. Also wouldn't the drivers need to be constantly conditioned with oil, so they do not dry rot?

If your listening to Solti's Romantic Russians, would a pre-soak of Vodka bring out a better sound? Finally a purpose for all those Airline mini-bar bottles? Anyone for Scotch with Bag Pipes?

Slappy, I can see you now reading your articles in playboy one night, while stress cracking your wooden driver with the low end of Hip-Hop only to post a new thread titled

"Wood Filler Assistance 4 My JVC's".

Slappy, if you buy this system kindly change your Audiogon member name to PINOCHIO! :0)~

well, wood supposedly has real good accoustical propertys. Figure it would sound good.

Jond, i must admit, that is the first article i ever read in playboy. ;)
I use wood blocks under most of the components. So far my favorite is poplar; a exotic wood that does not absorb water; sonically it is exceptional.