Wood Audio Stands.

Hi all, what would the harm be to go to a lumber yard and have some mapl cut to put under your components? Seems like many amp stands or cd stands are made out of well, wood. I have a glass shelved audio stand that's two levels. Vibration and microdynamic protection is something I have not thought of too much. My system is as follows:

Aragon 8008bb power amp
Musical Fidelity A3cr Pre-amp
Cal Audio Labs Alpha-Delta
Mirage m5si speakers
PsAudio p-300 power plant (soon to arrive,will plug the Cal's and Pre to it)
Audioquest bi wired speaker cable
Signal Cable power cord from amp to wall
Signal cable digital cables (from the Cal's)
Signal Cable analog II interconnects.
A Ps Audio power cord most likely from the PP to the wall
Thanks, Mark
Not to sound like a flake, but some of my components sound better on wood, others thrive on different materials. Just putting wood over glass may not get you where you want... might want to put some kind of vibration isolation--rubber pucks (or their more expensive cousins), one of the ball bearing systems (aurios, fim, etc.), air (try a bicycle innertube inflated just enough to raise the wood), even sand (build a small sandbox).

There's lots of room for hours of DIY fun here...

good luck,
i think glass, as a reflecting material may be a problem.

maple wood is a good choice.

i would place a thin layer of sorbethane over the glass and under the wood. then i would select an anti resonant device to place under the component on top of the maple, which should be at least 3/4 inches thick. thicker is better.
Mrtennis, thanks for responding here as well. Brent, you don't sound like a flake but aren't we all a little flakey in this hobby? I'll take both of your suggestions very seriously. Should I do this for all components? or should some get priority? Thanks, Mark
I had the biggest difference in sources first (lots of potential mechanical vibration issues), then tubed equipment, then I used the discards for the solid state (didn't hear a lot, but the costs were already sunk).


PS in terms of Maple, I have my TT on 1 3" slab--I'm a big fan of throwing high mass into the equation (the Aries TT is no lightweight either).
Brent, so your saying the transport and dac are most important. You didn't hear lots of difference with using bases under solid state gear or the whole picture? Mark
Transport YES


(for me, Supratek Preamp yes)

Other solid state (Amp, tt motor controller, tuner) not so much
Solid walnut kicks ass over solid hard rock maple.I have a solid walnut stand, have built a solid hard rock maple stand, the maple sounded very good but had more resonance than the walnut whitch is dead as all heck. Think others dont use walnut becuase folks want light colored woods and it is very costly. Both bested my mass produced and costly lovan and bill bags racks.
John, thanks for the walnut advice. Zar