Woo AW22 1st Gen or 2nd Gen - Do they sound the same? Same build quality?

I have an opportunity to buy a Woo WA22 1st generation and would like to know the differences between it and the 2nd generation. I know that the 2nd Gen has an XLR output for a power amp/speakers- Is this the only difference? 
But, does the 1st gen. sound as good? Other than the XLR outputs, is the quality of circuitry different or better on the 2nd generation?
In the WA22 1st Gen, I understand that the toggle switch enables the switch between RCA/XLR inputs. Does this mean that when it bis toggled to RCA Input, then an 'XLR to RCA' cable can be used to connect to a tube power amp to drive speakers? Would this degrade the sound in any way?
Any comments would be most welcome.
I haven't heard the Woo, but they have had good press.  XLR cables work their best if connected to differentially balanced components .woo is.  When connected this way the selection of cable seems almost pointlesss....they all sound the same....excellent.  There is no noise, hum, nothing but music. I would let the guidance be dictated to by your wallet.  I think you'd be happy with either.
Thank you for your comment. The other amp that I might consider is the Cavalli Liquid Glass - but can't find too much info or personal reviews of owners.
Thank you,
I have the wa 22 2nd generation I never heard the first generation so I can’t comment on that all I can say is with the second generation the amp is also a preamp that’s why you got the XLR outputs from what I’ve read the first generation is a little bit more to tube sounding than the second generation put some updated capacitors.