Woo Audio 2 as a preamp?

What level of performance could I expect out of this headphone/preamp amplifier being used as a preamp? Is it on level with mid-fi gear like Jolida or can it hang with higher end stuff like Mcintosh, Cary?

Reviews are all saying it is a warm sounding headphone amp with a very large soundstage and lots of air on the top. It is also said to handle complicated classical peices nearly perfectly. ( very important to me as I listen to mostly classical with some acoustic and vocals thrown in )Do these sound qualities remain present when being used as a preamp?

Also what tube amp stereo or monoblock would compliment the preamp. Triode/UL switch would be a real plus too?
I used to own a first generation Woo Audio 2 and I did indeed use it as a preamp fed to a Sunfire power amp driving Paradigm full range. I have very fond memories of the warmth and sound stage being excellent. I initially acquired it with a pair of Sennhieser HD650's, the headphone experience also being very good. But then I proceeded to experiment with using it as a preamp and was pleased to hear just about the same quality as headphone output, of course head phone listening has a very different feel; pun intended

Because of what I remember of the SQ of the WA2, I'm even considering re-acquiring another WOO for my current rig; Sunfire - B&W. The only concern I have is microphonics, since I mostly listen at reference sound pressure levels. In my case, I will probably have to get those tube rings or whatever they're called.
Thanks, I should consider ss amp with the WA2. I have paradigms too.