Wondering how more musical is LFD Vs Rega?

I am looking for an integrated tube or solid state, I have been considering LFD old MkIII model and I own a rega brio-R what i consider musical.

Many said the LFD will probably keep me satisfy for years to come, so i am curious is if worthy the money?

I have been looking Triode Japan tubes integrated, TRV 35Se and the 845, i like tube sound as well, but no many knows them except for teh audio shows powering AZ speakers.

I looking for an step up no lateral.
I listen mostly Jazz and vocals listen to analog as well so phono is important, but i will go with a separate phono in time.

I will appreciate LFD owners and Rega to share their views pls.

Good night
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LFD would be a huge step up from Rega. Also look at the Pathos Classic One MkIII. Either will have your toes tapping for years.
If you're into tubes, you might also want to check out the VTL IT-85. I just bought one for my second system and really like it. I compared it to Luxman, NAD master, and Audio Research models....
The LFD is in a different level from the Rega in terms of musicality, refinement and organic sound.
Ive heard the Triode amps from Japan a few times & I feel the LFD is more of my taste.