wondering about Scheu and Teres DIY, Just talking

Hello Guys,

I didn't have the money for school so I had to sell my spacedeck rig and very unfortunately my hagerman trumpet.

I've been looking at options and it seems the scheu low end table is the closest thing to a Teres. I have a very slim budget.

I may just buy a P3 with a 10X5 for the time being. I can get an outstanding deal on one but I'm dying to get a biq acrylic platter design.

I'm no fan of suspended tables as you can guess after owning the nottingham.

Also there's a table on the way from Brian Cherry called BIX that uses a tape drive and an acrylic platter for ~600 than is about what I get a Dyna/P3/RB300 new for. But it does appear to be a better table.

I miss my analog.

Thanks guys,

Both are good.

I have a preference for the Teres, but with budget considerations, the Scheu is a nice option.

Don't know anything about the Brian Cherry table.

You can enjoy vinyl at many levels. Make a reasonable choice that you can live with.
I am doing Teres on a budget. Here's the breakdown:

$1400 Motor, Acrylic platter, bearing, etc.

$250 Modded RB300

$250 K&K Step-up tranny

$241 Denon 103r

$250 Wood

I went with the acrylic platter to save some $. I plan on building my own in the long run. It will have the 340 sub-base, so I think it will end up being a combo 245/340. I am going to lead fill the base. Also, Chris made me a tape belt, no knots.

I waffled on what woods to use, but now I have it all and here's how it will go:

Cocobolo for the base, with some inlaid Macassar ebony. Solid ebony armboard. Brazilian Rosewood sub base. Ebony veneer around the base, because I don't want to look at end grain. Oh, I forgot the Audiopoints that both the plinth and base will sit on. Got em for $90 here, today!

Considering a base 245 kit is $2200, I think I am going to be very happy, having an entire table setup for the cost of an assembled 245 bare.

I finally have my site up where I will detail the build process. Nothing there yet, but keep an eye out this week! Hopefully I'll be up and running for Christmas.

Joe's Teres Project