Wondering about capacitance settings for phono cartridge

My phono cartridge data sheet recommends a capacitance setting of 150 to 300pF. I am wondering if this recommendation is intended to take into account the capacitance of interconnect cables as well. I have my phono stage set to 140pF  and wanted to see what others opinion would be. Also, what exactly is the effect on the sound at different settings.....does capacitance setting just affect high frequency or a broader bandwidth? signed: uneasy
Yes, the capacitance specification for a cartridge includes the total for the interconnect from the toneam and the phono preamp input. Typical 1 meter ICs are about 100 pf.

A great exception, and a great IC, is Blue Jeans LC-1, which is 12.2 pf per foot, or about 40.2 pf per meter. For cartridges that like to see a low total capacitance load, such as those by Nagaoka, this is a great IC to use.