wonder dynamicaps any good ?

hi, i have a pair of infinity kappa 9's and a couple of the solen caps went bad in both speakers, one emit and on the other speaker on a semit, i bought 8 new solen caps for all 6 tweeters but to me they sound kinda harsh, so i was just wondering if anyone has tried using the wonder dynamicaps as i have heard that they are pretty good sounding, if so how do you think they would sound in the kappa 9's being that they have ribbon tweeters, will there be any improvement over the solens?, if so what can i expect, thanks in advance.
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How many hours on the Solen's? In my experience they are very hard at first and after break in are much improved.

Not to say another cap might not be better, just wondering if you are hearing the Solen at their best.
I agree with Albert. New caps need to "form". It will take probably 40-50 hours to break them in. I wouldn't be too critical on the sound until then.
wow! i did not know that they had to break in, i just compared them with no time at all on them, that said i think that with some hours on them they will sound very close to the old ones that are in the speaker, i thought that while i have the crossovers out of the speaker that maybe i should try something different, the speaker originally has wonder caps bypassing the solens so i thought that maybe if i installed the new wonder dynamicaps with the same value as the solens and old wonders values combined it would sound better, thanks for your advice.
There are different Solen caps, as well. If they are available in the appropriate values, the tin foil caps have a lower ESR than the standard caps and sound quite a bit better IMHO.
For speakers I like the Mundorf caps. The Solen's are good budget caps, but you can do better. The best are the Dueland, but a bit pricey. Look some of the capacitor comparisons and get a little info there. Jallen
thanks for the info, i will check out some other brands also but i think i want to get caps that will be an improvement over the 22 year old ones that they used in the speakers, i want to get caps that sound good at a reasonable price without going overboard.
I had the dynamicaps for a while, they are ok not great. If i were you go for mundorf caps and go as far up the range as you can. The silver/gold in oil is a very good natural sounding cap but if they are too expensive try the silver in oil.

As Jallen says Duelund VSF copper caps are one of the finest but are very expensive. At a similar price to the dynamicap try the sonicap too which is very good but if you have very highend kit may sound a little hifi when compared to the Dueland and mundorf in oil types.

Look at the humble hifi cap test. Very useful.
thanks for the info i will check it out.