Women who enjoy quality speakers

In my former marriage i was introduced to high end audio by my husband.

At the time the endless visits to highend shows , meetings and shops annoyed me. Tech talk and not very female friendly designs came and went in my living room.

And although i couldnt get used to all of the above, one thing i learned , how to listen.

Now years further , in my second marriage quality audio wasnt a very well know topic of my husband working in tech. Mediocre cheaper hifi dominated the house, which looked even worse and sounded even a lot worse.

When we talked about new speakers and bang and olufsen was mentioned i knew i had to educate him , to let him know whats on the market and how things can sound.

The revelation ended in buying avalon speakers and simular quality equipement and cables.

Now its up and running i really enjoy music again!

Who would have thought that!

I have never seen a lot of other women enthousiastic about quality sound and music. Are there any in this group? Do your wifes experience the same as i did?

Wishing you all a very musical festive season,

A very happy wife,


Thanks Jasmine fir your post and to everyone for this enjoyable thread. 
I think most women won't admit they like the sound of good music.  I remember add a pair of REL S2 SHO subwoofers to my system and dancing in the living room.  She noticed the difference and never complained after that.  She like showing off our system to our system to our neighbors when we had them over for cocktails and dinner.  The key is to make sure you make thing look right.  I can't believe some of the systems I see pictured on Audiogon.  They are incredibly ugly.  I can't imagine even sitting in those rooms just doing noting but listening but listening to music.  I have to be surrounded by a nice comfortable feeling room.
My girlfriend has played saxophone and been a music educator for 30 years. Both of her sons play sax and her oldest is attending a university on a music scholarship. Serious music family.

They have a Bluetooth speaker that weighs less than a coffee cup and changes colors if you so choose. It doesn’t bother me, I enjoy music through whatever...

She enjoys my stereo and is an active part of my joy in the hobby. I just find it curious that her, and some other musicians I’ve known (nobody famous) have had little interest in having an intentional sound system in their home. 

In the late 70's I was recruited by another HiFi woman salesperson to join Tech HiFi in the TriState region. Live music was my social life so having a Audiophile system in my living space was a must. I loved working for a great company and helping many people select their audio systems. Through my entire life I was into music and audio. Home theater fix started in 2001 with Pioneer Elite electronics and rear protection system. I am now back to 2 channel analog system with streaming added for music source research. It is true that at most shows, online and clubs women are the minority. Our passion is equal in every way.
n80 and others: ditto. Had an extended discussion with an old friend, symphony player since high school (a prodigy). He says musicians cannot be impressed by anything less than the sound of real music being played in real space. You may have the best Mercury Living Presence ever cut, played on a $250k TT through the most transparent speakers ever made, and the symphony player will go: ho-hum.

To you? Optimal position, front third center, perfect hall: that's what your rig sounds like to you, indistinguishable from Stoki live. Not to the symphonist. Ho-hum. Maybe that's why we are hobbyists and they are professionals. Just like sports. The athletes risk crippling injury to play the real game; we watch on TV. Even watching from the stands isn't the same as being on the field. 

Once we recognize that this difference is inherent, embrace it, take it for what it is, we're just fine. Continue as before. That's what I do. Egad, who wants to spend their lives practicing cittern anyhow? Or kicking a soccer ball around? Others do it for our amusement. Not a bad division of labor, I'd say.