Women who enjoy quality speakers

In my former marriage i was introduced to high end audio by my husband.

At the time the endless visits to highend shows , meetings and shops annoyed me. Tech talk and not very female friendly designs came and went in my living room.

And although i couldnt get used to all of the above, one thing i learned , how to listen.

Now years further , in my second marriage quality audio wasnt a very well know topic of my husband working in tech. Mediocre cheaper hifi dominated the house, which looked even worse and sounded even a lot worse.

When we talked about new speakers and bang and olufsen was mentioned i knew i had to educate him , to let him know whats on the market and how things can sound.

The revelation ended in buying avalon speakers and simular quality equipement and cables.

Now its up and running i really enjoy music again!

Who would have thought that!

I have never seen a lot of other women enthousiastic about quality sound and music. Are there any in this group? Do your wifes experience the same as i did?

Wishing you all a very musical festive season,

A very happy wife,


Jasmine great post and happy music filled holidays to you as well!
Best Christmas wishes to you and yours also.
Enjoy the music.
Some people, including women, simply do not care about and are not moved by what we audiophiles call sound quality. Much of my equipment was inherited and spent some time in my wife's sister's basement. Her sister is a trained musician, she sings classical music and has a great voice. She likes a lot of pop music as well. With some of the hoard of decent audio equipment in her basement I built a reasonably good system with Rotel components and B&W speakers. I set it all up and auditioned it for her and offered to install it in her house. She could not have cared less. Not impressed at all. The gear went back in her basement and sits there to this day.
A very happy wife,



Are you Jasmine? A happy wife? Honestly are you?

After all these years, LOL you're not pulling our leg are you...

Something is a little strange...

The chicken soup is smelling like chicken skat? Excuse me if I seem a little skeptic...

Who are you Mrs Jasmine? Is all that stuff true? No I'm not trying anything goofy. Just say it's so.. :-) I'll believe ya...

Just so YOU know I never enter a room unless someone else is there with me. Unless it's my partner. I enter first, otherwise a hotel staff member or another gentleman, never alone... It was one of the practices of the 40. Billy Graham was the example...and the author of the practice..

When my wife and I were just roomates partying being our priority I could get her to come sit with me by playing her favorites but we got serious and made a little family and working mom has little free time for herself let alone my hobbies.