Wolfson WM8740: 540C vs. 640C vs. CD73 vs. Apollo

All four of the following CD players use the Wolfson WM8740 DAC: the Cambridge Audio 540C v.2; the Cambridge Audio 640C v.2; the Arcam DiVA CD73; and the Rega Apollo. (So did the Arcam CD93, now out of production.) Other aspects of these designs vary, such as the number of DACs used, CD drive, power supply, and chassis; and these players are not being marketed in the same price range. In what ways do these CD players sound similar to each other? In what ways do they sound different? How important are the other aspects of these designs, aside from the DACs, to the quality of the sound they produce?
Power supplies, and other circuit design make as much a difference in sound as does the DAC in my opinion. That said, all these players are less than a thousand dollars and the DAC could have more of an influence on a less ambitious design than one would think. I have not heard the latest Apollo Rega, but in comparison to each of these players in their older versions, I would say the Rega Planet sounded the best to my ears. As should be expected, bang for the dollar is Cambridge. They are at or less than $500 and sound about 70% as good. Just depends on your budget and how much you VALUE that last 30% improvement.

the new headampo "pico" has this DAC chip also. a lot of people like it a lot for mobile as well as desktop applications via USB or mini input.