Wolfson dac

Using a Cambridge 651c with the twin dac and was interested in purchasing a CD player for a budget system.Would anyone know if the Onkyo C-7030 with Wolfson chip sound similar? Thank you for any information.
I'll chime in...Don't get too caught up in the brand of the DAC.  What matters is the environment it's put in - much like Intel vs AMD.  Everyone will have their preference based on the name, but if you took the names away (Burr Brown/Wolfson/AKM/etc) and listened to each one specifically in the same environment, you may not choose what you think you would...So many other factors involved - power supply, transport mechanism, clocking, it all matters as much as what DAC it has.  Rotel has always had great CD Players for not a lot of money - 900 and 1000 series players used Burr Brown.  Their latest version uses Wolfson, but again, I wouldn't get caught up in that.  Hope this helps and gives more clarity than confusion...?
True.I was curious about the Onkyo,the reviews where good for the most part and I like the open sound stage of the Cambridge and hoping someone had heard the Onkyo. Thank you for your response.
The Onkyo 7030 seems to be a very well built (possibly over built) product at it's price point, weight is ~15 lbs. Customer feedback is very positive.  If I was looking to purchase a new player under $300 I would probably buy it. I am not in that situation at the moment. 
The Onkyo 7030 is an excellent CD player for the money.
i've had one for years and it has never failed me, it looks great too.
to me it looks like a high end piece without the high end price.
If you looking for budget CD player this is a solid choice.
i am using the coax out into a Peachtree Nova 150 so I am not using the internal DAC but from what I remember it had a very smooth sound to it.

I believe several Cdp companies use the Wolfson chips. Rega included.