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I am the owner of a Red Wolf 2and I am looking to exchange ideas with other Wolf owners. For example,I haven’t even tried the multi channel capability of my unit and would like some information from those that have.For my part,I have tried different power cables and tweaks to get even more out of my unit.I stated out with an Alpha 2 upgraded to the Alpha 3 and finally the the Red Wold 2 so I have some experience with their gear but I still feel like I haven’t even scratched the surface of it’s capabilities and I would really like to hear from others.

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A shout out of thanks and appreciation to the owners of Wolf Audio Servers who have posted here.

If any have conducted direct comparisons (in your own systems) versus other servers, can you share more? 
@lwin   Thanks for your response. 

I started streaming around 2005 and have been streaming 100% since the late 2000s after walking away from a CDP / CDT based system.

It's clear from the posts in this thread that Wolf Audio's support of their customers is stellar. 

I would like to hear from those who have made direct comparisons with other Servers to get a better feel for differences / strengths / weakness as well as the relevant system chain, so I can extrapolate synergies.  Thank you!

Note: in addition to Wolf Audio, the following servers are under consideration: Pink Faun, Taiko, Innuos. 
@arion   Thank you. Not 'long-winded' at all. Your post is insightful and helpful.

I've been trying to get a demo unit in for an audition. Since another dealer is involved, I will not overstep. Should that change, I will reach out in the future.  Thanks again!
@thewolfaudio  Thanks. Looking forward to your update.