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I am the owner of a Red Wolf 2and I am looking to exchange ideas with other Wolf owners. For example,I haven’t even tried the multi channel capability of my unit and would like some information from those that have.For my part,I have tried different power cables and tweaks to get even more out of my unit.I stated out with an Alpha 2 upgraded to the Alpha 3 and finally the the Red Wold 2 so I have some experience with their gear but I still feel like I haven’t even scratched the surface of it’s capabilities and I would really like to hear from others.

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Having a sizable vinyl collection and many CDs I was content with flipping disks and not in a big rush to purchase a music server. The real push came from exhibiting at audio shows. I realized that we were limiting our music selection. I met Joe at the CAF show 2018. I didn't fully appreciate the quality of the Wolf servers until we partnered to exhibit together at The Home Entertainment Show 2019. Wow, our room sounded great. At least that's what many people told me. At this point I have probably exhibited at close to 30 shows and I have to say having the Wolf server was a great experience. First and foremost the sound quality was outstanding. The Wolf was easy to use and having so much music at our fingertips was just plain fun. We exhibited together again at CAF 2019 and are ready for AXPONA 2020 if it happens. I purchased a Red Wolf 2 for our showroom. BTW, I did research many other music servers before purchasing the Red Wolf. Joe has been extremely helpful and patient helping this non computer audio guy (me) get through the learning curve. If any of you are in the Charlotte, NC area and want to check it out (AFTER WE ALL GET THROUGH THIS CRISIS) just let me know. Thanks Joe for building such a wonderful product!

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@david_ten   Because of all the variables and the fact that so much depends on the associated equipment and the listener it's a challenge to offer meaningful comparisons. As a speaker manufacturer and knowing the challenges of being in the audio business I avoid judging other company's products unless we use them and have something positive to say. We are fortunate to have the opportunity to experience lots of different gear. Since we are not retailers of other equipment we are free to select any gear that we feel works with our system in our showrooms. Sorry for being long winded. I just wanted you to understand my point of view.

That being said, the Red Wolf 2 excels in dynamic contrast, detail retrieve, resolution and balance from top to bottom. We have used the Alpha 3 as well. They are easy to use and have many features. As mentioned before by others Joe is always there to offer support. As with all equipment, we encourage you to do your research, audition your choices and enjoy. Wolf Audio is worth pursing. I will be happy to share more thoughts if you care to call. 

@david_ten  I apologize for not being more clear. I am not a Wolf Audio dealer but a happy customer. I was just offering a phone conversation if that may help in any way. Good luck in your search!