Wolf Audio music servers

I recently purchased a Wolf Audio Alpha 2 music server. If you considering purchasing one of these I would be glad to do a write up as to my experience and impressions. This will take me some time so let me know and I will do it this afternoon after I get some projects done.
Updates please!!
iwin, redrocket990 and clarinetmonster2: you have had your Wolf servers for a while.  I’ve just ordered one.  Please post about your experience thus far. 
@poppin1 I liked the Alpha 2 so much that I sent it back last week to have it upgraded to the Red Wolf. Once I get it back and broken in I will post my impressions.
Hi Iwin: Good to know.  I am waiting on a RW2.  Moving from an Aurender N100h.  
Very excited to hear it in my system.

@popspin2. I got my modified Alpha 2 back a couple of weeks ago. It hasn’t been fully upgraded to tha Alpha 3 yet. Joe Parvey got a really bad batch of capacitors and is having a very difficult time getting good replacements so rather then keep me waiting on the power supply, he sent my unit back with a return label . 
While he had it he did modify it so it is somewhere between an Alpha 2 and the Red Wolf. One of the changes made was he installed his flux capacitor/usb clock. Please go to his website to get the technical details. What I can tell you is that if you use a USB connection on your Wolf, you have to get this. What it does it is  it literally sounds like you have removed the usb cable entirely. I can say this with confidence as my primary method of sending music to my PS Audio DSD dac is via the Bridge II . I don’t claim to be one of those golden ear audiophiles but going between the usb and the Bridge I hear little if any difference. 
The other changes he made improved the width and depth of the soundstage. The overall presentation is more relaxed in a good way. I am eagerly awaiting the full upgrade and I will post my impressions when I receive it.
Hi Iwin:
Hope you are still enjoying your server.  
I ran into some issues with Joe and cancelled my order.  
I wish you and the others the best with your Wolf servers.