Wolf Audio music servers

I recently purchased a Wolf Audio Alpha 2 music server. If you considering purchasing one of these I would be glad to do a write up as to my experience and impressions. This will take me some time so let me know and I will do it this afternoon after I get some projects done.
Updates please!!
iwin, redrocket990 and clarinetmonster2: you have had your Wolf servers for a while.  I’ve just ordered one.  Please post about your experience thus far. 
@poppin1 I liked the Alpha 2 so much that I sent it back last week to have it upgraded to the Red Wolf. Once I get it back and broken in I will post my impressions.
Hi Iwin: Good to know.  I am waiting on a RW2.  Moving from an Aurender N100h.  
Very excited to hear it in my system.