Wolcott Presence 220 monoblocks

The design sounds interesting. Does anybody have experience with these amps?
If you do a search on Wolcott, you should pull up some previous discussions.
They are impressive.
I use them in my system to power my Soundlab U-1's and they are wonderful. They are pretty much trouble free, self bias, provide lots of power, have control over the bass like a solid state amp and sweet like a tube amp.

Here is the link if you wish to view my system:


I've also spent a lot of time listening to B&W 800's and Vandersteen 5's, both powered by Wolcott. Two of my audio group members choose Wolcott as their reference amp after hearing mine.

Tireguy (Audiogon member) has auditioned and reported in one thread that they were a great match with Maggies.
Amongst the most effortless and powerful tube amps out there..bass can put many solid states to shame..very fairly priced for the performance level..shines with stats.
ALbert- I didn't here them on my system- I just can't borrow any ones jaws of life to open my wallet far enough-being a jew and all:) I have heard from pretty much EVERYONE that they are the BEST amp for maggies, maybe in a year or so I will get the scratch together.
They really are very good. Best of SS and tubes, with ample tuning flexibility for most systems.
I am one of the few who had problems with these amps. They broke down 3 times in 14 months. I switched to Aloia amps. I was using the Wolcotts with Dunlavy V's and the upper bass was nonexistant.