Wolcott 220 compatible with ribbon speakers?

Are Wolcott 220m presence mono amplifiers compatible with ribbon type speakers? Specifically Genesis 200 speakers?
Are you referring to the large four piece Genesis speaker? If so, does this require bi-amp?
I am using wolcott 220 on Apogee Divas with excellent results. I have used them full range and also on the bass ribbon using the active crossover. Very impressive overall
I have been told by another dealer (not a Wolcott dealer) that the best he's ever heard Maggies sound was when driven by a pair of Wolcotts.

I've used 'em on Cliffhanger Bulldogs (ribbon tweet) with excellent results.

The Wolcotts will deliver their rated power down into a 2 ohm load (Henry tells me down into a 1.7 ohm load). Not bad for a tube amp. With a speaker like the Genesis that has a particularly extended top end, I'd strongly recommend you get Wolcotts with the wide-bandwidth output transformer (now standard). The wide-bandwidth output transformer was introduced specifically for electrostats, but any speaker with an extended top end benefits from it. The adjustable output impedance control is also useful for dialing in the voicing of the amp/speaker system.

I'd say as long as the impedance of the Genesis speaker doesn't go below 2 ohms, the Wolcotts will work quite well. Much below 2 ohms, and you might get some compression and loss of contol.
yes Albert here's a link to Genesis 200 speaker system below. http://awardaudio.com/genesis_2001.htm
The Genesis is bi-amped, but the bass amp comes with the system and is an active servo driven system. I've not heard the Wolcott's with this system, but I have heard the Genesis with other amplifiers. I think the tubes would be excellent with the 200s, particularly since the ribbons tend to be a little on the harsh side (201s were improved somewhat). That being said, I do not know the impedance curves of the 200s and you should find them out as Audiokinesis has pointed out.
Wolcotts blew away the 4-5 other 'well regarded' amps that I tried with the magnepans. The next closest competitor wasn't even in the same building.
Mejames, looks like several other have answered your question while I was wondering if I had the correct Genesis in mind.

I use Wolcotts on my Soundlab and one of my best friends owns Maggie 20 . The Wolcott runs both so well I cannot imagine doing better.
John 1
Could you tell us what other amps you tried?
Conrad johnson mv-50, arc vt100m2, mccormack dna1RevAGold, pass labs aleph 2's in my home. I've heard them with naim nap (140?), a krell kav 300, and the huge classe 400 in other settings.